Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sexy FELLA bikinis as worn by Emily Ratajkowski

So FELLA Swimwear is an Australian brand that launched their first collection just last year. Now I'd love to tell you what the inspiration behind the brand is and what it stands for but I'm afraid I've no idea, it's certainly not made clear on their websites! Although you might think this would be a top priority for a new brand, FELLA seem to disagree. However they have managed to build a huge Instagram following regardless and doubtless featuring shoots with top models and celebrity babes has helped, among them the stunning Emily Ratajkowski! Credit to FELLA Swimwear for all images.
Emily Ratajkowski wearing the Dylan top

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sexy SUMMERLOVE eco-friendly bikinis modelled by Charlotte McKinney

So SUMMERLOVE is a sustainable, eco-friendly swimwear brand launched in 2014 by founder Vanessa Rivers. Designed in California, all their swimwear is made with ECONYL, which is a 100% regenerated fiber made from nylon waste.

Of course by now just about everyone's heard of the stunning Charlotte McKinney, courtesy of her very sexy appearance in the Carl's Jr. Super Bowl commercial. However you mightn't know that SUMMMERLOVE were well ahead of the pack here and basically discovered her, in that they recruited her as a swimwear model in early 2014, when she was pretty unknown.

Charlotte McKinney modelling the Yellow Convertible Bandeau from the Sail Away collection

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Lane Bryant: overweight health risks are NOT sexy!

So Lane Bryant are a leading plus-size clothing retailer out of Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. They're in the news because of a new PR campaign, '#ImNoAngel', defined by the core message that 'ALL women are sexy'.

Now even though they refer to 'all', as a plus-size brand they're really referring to plus-size women, which is clear from the images they use in their campaign. Plus-size women are, of course, typically overweight/obese, as defined by a BMI exceeding 25.

BMI chart

What Lane Bryant don't mention is the unfortunate reality that being overweight/obese significantly increases the risk for a large number of very serious diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and osteoarthritis. In the United States alone, obesity is estimated to cause up to 365,000 deaths per year, while 1 million annual deaths in Europe are attributed to excess weight. On average, obesity reduces life expectancy by six to seven years.

So Lane Bryant, if you're saying that a medical diagnosis of heart disease or diabetes and premature death caused by being overweight/obese is sexy, you're deluded! If they really cared about their customers rather than making money, they'd instead be promoting the idea that for the overweight/obese, losing weight is the healthy option.

So we now have the daft situation that sexy is essentially being promoted by clothing brands in terms of being either underweight (Victoria's Secret etc.) or overweight (Lane Bryant, Curvy Kate), both of which are very unhealthy! Is there any brand willing to say what most people actually think, which is that what's sexy is normal weight?

Monday, 6 April 2015

Purrfect We Are Handsome bikinis as worn by Doutzen Kroes!

So We Are Handsome was launched out of Australia in 2009 by the husband and wife team of Jeremy and Katinka Somers with the idea of re-imagining the norms of swimwear design to construct pieces that capture the spirit and emotion of summer. They've certainly come up with some imaginative designs since then, including this example featuring a snow leopard print sported by Doutzen Kroes recently! Credit for all images goes to We Are Handsome.

Doutzen Kroes wearing the Fighter Scoop One Piece

Sexy Issa de' mar bikinis as worn by Kylie Jenner

So Issa de' mar was launched in 2013 by friends Marissa Eveland and Melissa Jasniy out of Oahu, Hawaii. They've already got lots of attention as a result of their imaginative designs, one of which for example was sported by Kylie Jenner recently! Credit goes to Issa de' mar for all images.

Kylie Jenner wearing Hina top & Poema bottoms

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Nubian Skin offer skin-tone lingerie for women of colour

Having just posted about the importance of defining what a brand stands for, here's a good example of exactly that! So Nubian Skin have clearly differentiated themselves as a brand providing skin-tone lingerie for women of colour. Credit to Julia Underwood Photography for all images.

While the default colour for most women when it comes to lingerie is nude, this option pretty much didn't exist for women of colour. As a result of her frustration with the lack of skin-tone choices available to her, Ade Hassan decided to found Nubian Skin in London to fill this ignored niche. The company has now designed a collection of lingerie and hosiery to meet the skin-tone requirements of women of colour, which it delivers worldwide.

You can check out the complete collection on their website.

Dear swimwear and lingerie brands ...

... so you think you have a strong brand identity? Try these questions:
  1. Have you defined what specifically your brand stands for?
  2. Have you confirmed via keyword research that sufficient demand exists for this?
  3. Have you defined how you're different and better than all the competition?
  4. Do you have concrete supporting evidence demonstrating your value proposition?
  5. Is all this explained in simple and clear language as the primary content on the homepage of your website?
Every day, most of the visitors to your websites want to buy what you sell, but know little or nothing about you. Research shows that you have no more than ten seconds to make it clear to them that you are the solution. If you don't, they know there's lots of alternative options out there, so there's really no reason for them to stick around.

Long story short: if you're interested in maximizing your online sales, ensure that you can answer yes to the questions above!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sexy Gossard lingerie and bikinis modelled by Olympia Valance

So Gossard are a British lingerie brand that have been providing sexy lingerie that makes women feel gorgeous since way back in 1901. They've been pretty successful too, for example being named as 'The UK's Favourite Lingerie Brand of the Year' at the 2014 UK Lingerie Awards. They also announced last year that they'd be supporting the excellent 'CoppaFeel!' charity, which is on an important mission to stamp out the late detection of breast cancer by reminding women to check their boobs regularly. As such, you'll now find the 'CoppaFeel!' label, featuring the logo and reminder message, inside all Gossard bras.

The details of their Spring/Summer 2015 collection were recently announced, and very pretty it is too! Of course, it helps that it was modelled by the gorgeous Olympia Valance, who it'd be very difficult to find anything that doesn't look great on! The lovely Olympia, sister of pop star Holly, is an actress and model best known for her role in Neighbours, an extremely popular Australian soap. She was announced as the new face of the brand in 2014.

Glossies in Neon Pink

Stylish Gemelli bikinis as worn by Michelle Keegan

So Gemelli are a British swimwear brand focused on the stylish and fun-loving girl. It was only established in 2012 by Liverpool-based twin sisters Chloe and Lauren, but has already gained a following from top retailers and well-known celebrities. Just this week for example, the gorgeous Michelle Keegan was spotted in an eye-catching Gemelli bow bikini! Credit to Gemelli Swimwear for all images.

Michelle Keegan (with her very lucky fiancee) wearing a Gemelli bow bikini

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Should underweight AND overweight models be banned?

So the issue of underweight models was back in the spotlight this week, with the French parliament debating and ultimately voting against a bill to ban models with a BMI less than 18. Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of relative size based on the mass and height of an individual. As you can see from the infographic below, less than 18.5 is considered underweight with 25 or higher overweight/obese.

BMI chart
This is an issue that isn't going to go away though. Already Spain, Italy, Israel, Chile and Belgium have regulated against extremely skinny models, and the French bill is now expected to be revised and debated again later this year.

However, being overweight actually seems to be a much more serious issue! For example, while less than 3% of American adults are underweight, over 60% are overweight or obese, a proportion that has been consistently increasing over time. Interestingly, mirroring this trend, plus-size modelling has also become more popular in recent times. The negative health consequences associated with being overweight are also extremely serious, particularly heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer and osteoarthritis. As such, if there's a strong case to ban underweight models, the argument for banning overweight models too seems at least as compelling.

So what do you think? Should underweight and/or overweight models be banned, or is this none of our business?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sexy lingerie show on the London Underground by the award-winning Bluebella!

Bluebella is a lingerie designer based in Chiswick, London. It was founded by Emily Bendell in 2005 with the goal of providing provocative, luxurious lingerie that makes women look and feel fabulous. You might possibly have heard that there was some movie called Fifty Shades of Grey opened recently without much publicity! :D

What you mightn't know is that Bluebella have designed the official Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie collection, and very saucy it is too!

Fifty Shades of Grey Satin Button Bra & Brief Set

Very sexy micro bikinis from Tangaland

So Tangaland are a designer of micro bikinis out of Germany. They offer a wide range including micro, g-string, extreme and metallic. Now as you can see from the pics, they don't leave much to the imagination. However if you've got it, flaunt it I say, in which case Tangaland will definitely have something for you! :D

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Sexy Bahimi luxury bikinis by Chloe Goodman

So Bahimi are a retailer of designer and luxury swimwear and bikinis since 2011. They're particularly focused on lovely bottoms apparently, as they say the first thing they look at when trying something is the bottom!

They have a sexy beachwear range by Chloe Goodman available right now that caught my eye. The lovely Chloe is best known for her reality TV appearances, particularly Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother. However she's recently put together a collection with Bahimi that's really quite pretty, which she does an excellent job of modelling herself too! Given the number of utterly useless reality TV 'stars' out there, it's refreshing to see one doing something productive for a change.

Chloe modelling her creations!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Curvy Kate Star in a Bra Top 10 announced: who's your pick to win?

So the Curvy Kate Star in a Bra competition was narrowed down from 25 to the Top 10 earlier this week. I previously wrote about Ashley Bridges and she's made the cut, along with Megan McMinn, Tatiana Meilhac, Sophia Adams, Rosalind Strong, Danielle Fearon, Emma Webley, Charlotte Buck, Holly MacGillivray and Nicola Graveson. They'll now take part in a Top 10 photoshoot in London on 24/25 March, before Top 10 Voting Week begins on 1 April.

After carefully studying the considerable merits of each of these lovely ladies, my personal choice to win would be Charlotte Buck from London. This is my favorite photo of hers, credit to Curvy Kate.

Charlotte Buck from

Monday, 9 March 2015

M&S Autograph lingerie by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

So well-known British retailer Marks & Spencer very wisely decided to collaborate with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to create the Autograph collection, which features nightwear, bras, knickers and lingerie sets made from French-designed lace, silk and chiffon in feminine prints and vintage-inspired tones. Of course it's not difficult to design something that looks good on the gorgeous Rosie but even so, some of their creations are really very pretty as you can see below, and can be bought for as little as £10.50!

Nude Rose™ Smoothing Padded Memory Foam Plunge A-E Set with French Designed Lace & Silk Trims

Sexy TeenyB Brazilian cut bikinis modelled by Leanna Decker

TeenyB offer Brazilian cut bikinis with a commitment to design, quality and superior customer service. The company was founded by Katie Gardner who had a goal of designing a better bikini: better material, design and fit. All their bikinis are made in the U.S.A., hand cut and individually sewn.

Bikini models are of course gorgeous as a rule. Even by this standard though the TeenyB models stand out and none more so than the lovely Leanna Decker, who as you can see below has a quite simply incredible figure! Credit to Jose Luis for all photos and keeping the camera steady! :D

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Spectacular Etam live show featuring Snoop Dogg and Lilly Wood!

Etam are a well-known French lingerie and swimwear brand, and earlier this week they held what proved to be a spectacular show at the Molitor swimming pool to kick off Paris Fashion Week 2015.

What was perhaps most notable about the show overall was the simply outstanding soundtrack, featuring live performances by The Avener, Lilly Wood & The Prick, The Ting Tings, Grammy-nominated Diplo & the Major Lazer crew and Snoop Dogg! At times it actually felt like as much of a music concert as a fashion show! My personal favorites were the performances by Snoop and Lilly.

Wacoal Europe: lingerie and swimwear for all styles and sizes

No matter what your style or size in lingerie and swimwear, you're sure to find something you love at Wacoal Europe! This is because they have a total of no less than seven brands, each with a distinct position in the market.

First up not surprisingly is the Wacoal brand itself. The parent company actually has a fascinating story going back all the way to 1946, when it was founded in Kyoto, Japan. Since then they've successfully expanded way beyond their home market and now sell worldwide. In terms of their latest collections, I particularly liked the very pretty Melodie Blue Depths thong, available from S to XL.

The innovative 4-in-1 design by Zennor Bikini

Zennor Bikini was founded last year in Cornwall, UK by Davina Stickley with the goal of designing bikinis that ensure girls turn heads on the beach. The inspiration for the name of both the company and their signature Mermaid range is taken from the story of the Mermaid of Zennor.

It's not often you come across truly fresh and innovative thinking when it comes to bikinis, but this idea represents a genuine innovation which will be appreciated by anyone (meaning everyone) who's ever struggled to fit all their things into a rucksack that refuses to close. In essence, the 4-in-1 reversible design gives you the option of two styles and two colors per bikini bottom, just by switching the front to the back and turning it inside out! If you're struggling to visualize how this works, a picture paints a thousand words ...

Monday, 2 March 2015

Vibrant bikinis from Kamokini

Kamokini was created two years ago with the goal of providing real women with what they expect of a fashionable, affordable and figure-complimenting swimsuit. They take inspiration from art, music, African culture, Western fashion trends and an understanding of a woman’s sensuality.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Deal of the Day!

50% off Calvin Klein lingerie!

Curvy Kate Star in a Bra competition

So time is running out to vote in Curvy Kate's excellent Star in a Bra competition, top 25 voting ends in two days after which the Top 10 will be announced!

Launched in 2009, Curvy Kate specialise in gorgeous collections of D – K cup lingerie and swimwear. They're looking for their next Star in a Bra queen - all of their models are discovered through their annual Star in a Bra competition and they’re chosen by the public. After entries close, the vote is in the hands of their fans who will now decide who they think should be the next face and body of the brand!

It's very difficult to decide on just one of these ladies to highlight here, but I'm going to go for Ashley Bridges who as you can see has a quite simply remarkable figure! Credit to Curvy Kate for the photo.

Ashley Bridges from
Ashley is from Woodbridge, U.S.A., and is a natural 28 J/JJ cup. She unfortunately but not surprisingly had difficulty finding a good fit until she came across Curvy Kate.

You can check out Ashley and all the other contenders on the Star in a Bra website!

List of lingerie brands (updated 29 March 2015)

List of bikini brands (updated 19 April 2015)