Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sexy FELLA bikinis as worn by Emily Ratajkowski

So FELLA Swimwear is an Australian brand that launched their first collection just last year. Now I'd love to tell you what the inspiration behind the brand is and what it stands for but I'm afraid I've no idea, it's certainly not made clear on their websites! Although you might think this would be a top priority for a new brand, FELLA seem to disagree. However they have managed to build a huge Instagram following regardless and doubtless featuring shoots with top models and celebrity babes has helped, among them the stunning Emily Ratajkowski! Credit to FELLA Swimwear for all images.
Emily Ratajkowski wearing the Dylan top

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sexy SUMMERLOVE eco-friendly bikinis modelled by Charlotte McKinney

So SUMMERLOVE is a sustainable, eco-friendly swimwear brand launched in 2014 by founder Vanessa Rivers. Designed in California, all their swimwear is made with ECONYL, which is a 100% regenerated fiber made from nylon waste.

Of course by now just about everyone's heard of the stunning Charlotte McKinney, courtesy of her very sexy appearance in the Carl's Jr. Super Bowl commercial. However you mightn't know that SUMMMERLOVE were well ahead of the pack here and basically discovered her, in that they recruited her as a swimwear model in early 2014, when she was pretty unknown.

Charlotte McKinney modelling the Yellow Convertible Bandeau from the Sail Away collection

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Lane Bryant: overweight health risks are NOT sexy!

So Lane Bryant are a leading plus-size clothing retailer out of Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. They're in the news because of a new PR campaign, '#ImNoAngel', defined by the core message that 'ALL women are sexy'.

Now even though they refer to 'all', as a plus-size brand they're really referring to plus-size women, which is clear from the images they use in their campaign. Plus-size women are, of course, typically overweight/obese, as defined by a BMI exceeding 25.

BMI chart

What Lane Bryant don't mention is the unfortunate reality that being overweight/obese significantly increases the risk for a large number of very serious diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and osteoarthritis. In the United States alone, obesity is estimated to cause up to 365,000 deaths per year, while 1 million annual deaths in Europe are attributed to excess weight. On average, obesity reduces life expectancy by six to seven years.

So Lane Bryant, if you're saying that a medical diagnosis of heart disease or diabetes and premature death caused by being overweight/obese is sexy, you're deluded! If they really cared about their customers rather than making money, they'd instead be promoting the idea that for the overweight/obese, losing weight is the healthy option.

So we now have the daft situation that sexy is essentially being promoted by clothing brands in terms of being either underweight (Victoria's Secret etc.) or overweight (Lane Bryant, Curvy Kate), both of which are very unhealthy! Is there any brand willing to say what most people actually think, which is that what's sexy is normal weight?

Monday, 6 April 2015

Purrfect We Are Handsome bikinis as worn by Doutzen Kroes!

So We Are Handsome was launched out of Australia in 2009 by the husband and wife team of Jeremy and Katinka Somers with the idea of re-imagining the norms of swimwear design to construct pieces that capture the spirit and emotion of summer. They've certainly come up with some imaginative designs since then, including this example featuring a snow leopard print sported by Doutzen Kroes recently! Credit for all images goes to We Are Handsome.

Doutzen Kroes wearing the Fighter Scoop One Piece

Sexy Issa de' mar bikinis as worn by Kylie Jenner

So Issa de' mar was launched in 2013 by friends Marissa Eveland and Melissa Jasniy out of Oahu, Hawaii. They've already got lots of attention as a result of their imaginative designs, one of which for example was sported by Kylie Jenner recently! Credit goes to Issa de' mar for all images.

Kylie Jenner wearing Hina top & Poema bottoms