Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sexy SUMMERLOVE eco-friendly bikinis modelled by Charlotte McKinney

So SUMMERLOVE is a sustainable, eco-friendly swimwear brand launched in 2014 by founder Vanessa Rivers. Designed in California, all their swimwear is made with ECONYL, which is a 100% regenerated fiber made from nylon waste.

Of course by now just about everyone's heard of the stunning Charlotte McKinney, courtesy of her very sexy appearance in the Carl's Jr. Super Bowl commercial. However you mightn't know that SUMMMERLOVE were well ahead of the pack here and basically discovered her, in that they recruited her as a swimwear model in early 2014, when she was pretty unknown.

Charlotte McKinney modelling the Yellow Convertible Bandeau from the Sail Away collection

It's very refreshing to see that not all brands rule out such a incredible-looking girl as Charlotte just because she has a natural, curvy physique. Indeed, Charlotte has previously said that high-fashion and runway shows were never an option for her. Isn't it a pretty bad reflection on the fashion industry that they almost exclusively choose extremely skinny models that are representative of just a tiny fraction of the general population? Thankfully, SUMMERLOVE and Charlotte's success demonstrates that there can be very occasional exceptions to this rule!

White Ruffle Top from the True Love Wedding collection
Given that many swimwear brands don't clearly define what they stand for, it's great that SUMMERLOVE have done. But how much demand is there for sustainable swimwear? Very little according to Google Keyword Planner, at least for now. For example, the 'sustainable swimwear' and 'eco-friendly swimwear' keywords both have less than 100 average monthly searches right now. Interestingly though, it's obvious that lots of people are interested in sustainability, with up to 10,000 average monthly searches for various sustainable products and services. An obvious conclusion here would be that there's actually a large pool of potential customers for sustainable swimwear, but they've just never thought about or been made aware that the niche exists. Therefore a clever marketing effort designed to connect with this cohort could pay serious dividends.

Of course, for any brand selling online, it's also important to compare and rank well against the competition, and here SUMMERLOVE seems to have some further work to do. For example, when searching for 'sustainable swimwear' on, only ranks on page 11. This is a big problem given that it's rare for anyone to go past the first page of search results. By comparison, Google clearly considers elle evans to be the best option, with multiple links on page one. Although significantly improving a website's ranking typically requires significant time and effort, there does appear to be several obvious and relatively simple changes that could be made to to get started.

All in all, it seems like SUMMERLOVE is definitely a swimwear brand with real potential, but also with a significant amount of work to do in order to fully realize it. You can check out the full collection and see for yourself on their website!

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