Friday, 13 March 2015

Curvy Kate Star in a Bra Top 10 announced: who's your pick to win?

So the Curvy Kate Star in a Bra competition was narrowed down from 25 to the Top 10 earlier this week. I previously wrote about Ashley Bridges and she's made the cut, along with Megan McMinn, Tatiana Meilhac, Sophia Adams, Rosalind Strong, Danielle Fearon, Emma Webley, Charlotte Buck, Holly MacGillivray and Nicola Graveson. They'll now take part in a Top 10 photoshoot in London on 24/25 March, before Top 10 Voting Week begins on 1 April.

After carefully studying the considerable merits of each of these lovely ladies, my personal choice to win would be Charlotte Buck from London. This is my favorite photo of hers, credit to Curvy Kate.

Charlotte Buck from

She of course has a generous cleavage, but also possesses a very trim figure and in my opinion the prettiest face of the remaining candidates. She says she lacked the body confidence to enter the competition in the past which seems difficult to understand, to my eyes at least it looks pretty much perfect!

However, I think right now the most likely winner actually looks to be either Megan McMinn or Sophia Adams. That's because voting will be open to the public and so contestants with more potential supporters have the advantage. In Megan's case, she runs the popular personal style Briar Rose blog, while Sophia has been widely featured in the media and appears to have lots of support from the police force, wherein she works!

Edit 12 April 2015: as predicted, Sophia Adams has been named as the 'Star in a Bra' winner.

You can check out the Top 10 yourself here, who would be your choice and why?

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