Sunday, 8 March 2015

Spectacular Etam live show featuring Snoop Dogg and Lilly Wood!

Etam are a well-known French lingerie and swimwear brand, and earlier this week they held what proved to be a spectacular show at the Molitor swimming pool to kick off Paris Fashion Week 2015.

What was perhaps most notable about the show overall was the simply outstanding soundtrack, featuring live performances by The Avener, Lilly Wood & The Prick, The Ting Tings, Grammy-nominated Diplo & the Major Lazer crew and Snoop Dogg! At times it actually felt like as much of a music concert as a fashion show! My personal favorites were the performances by Snoop and Lilly.

So much for the music, what about the fashion? All I can say is that from what I saw, this also featured some great work, but I wasn't able to see nearly as much as I would've liked!

I might be unusual here, but for proper viewing I need no more than two models on the catwalk at any one time, one outgoing and the other returning. The problem: there was pretty much always more than this, and usually many more! It was particularly bad during the Coachella segment, at one point I counted twelve models as well as two musicians on the catwalk! How am I meant to look at each of the models and appreciate their looks with such a crowd?

Coachella: a very crowded catwalk!
Of what I actually had the chance to get a good look at, these were some of my favorite looks which I thought were fantastic:

California: not yet available
Ventura California Dream: available online now. Yes, that's a dolphin! :D
Lisa: available online now
Khol: available online now.
Diva: available online now.
Etam very helpfully have a dedicated website so you can watch the live show and check out all the looks. Excellent work!

However there's a number of problems with the English website which are a little annoying. Firstly, the translation from French isn't complete ("LES REPLAY", "DU LIVE SHOW", "FAIRE DÉFILER", etc.). In addition, a bunch of the looks are "available soon". Now I'm certainly not a marketing professional, but it seems pretty bad not to take full advantage of the opportunity presented by a blockbuster show such as this by ensuring every look can be ordered immediately. Finally, even if you find something you want to order online, there's a major issue for English speakers at least. When you click on the order link, you're taken to the item on the French language website. If you then change the language to "EN", it takes you to the English language homepage! Your only option now is to try and find the item somehow, and I expect most people won't bother.

Please to be fixing these issues soon, Etam!

Overall, I'd summarize this as a superb show, particularly regarding the soundtrack, only let down a little by a somewhat rushed feel to the catwalk modelling and some issues with the website. I'd strongly recommend checking it out for yourself!

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