Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sexy Gossard lingerie and bikinis modelled by Olympia Valance

So Gossard are a British lingerie brand that have been providing sexy lingerie that makes women feel gorgeous since way back in 1901. They've been pretty successful too, for example being named as 'The UK's Favourite Lingerie Brand of the Year' at the 2014 UK Lingerie Awards. They also announced last year that they'd be supporting the excellent 'CoppaFeel!' charity, which is on an important mission to stamp out the late detection of breast cancer by reminding women to check their boobs regularly. As such, you'll now find the 'CoppaFeel!' label, featuring the logo and reminder message, inside all Gossard bras.

The details of their Spring/Summer 2015 collection were recently announced, and very pretty it is too! Of course, it helps that it was modelled by the gorgeous Olympia Valance, who it'd be very difficult to find anything that doesn't look great on! The lovely Olympia, sister of pop star Holly, is an actress and model best known for her role in Neighbours, an extremely popular Australian soap. She was announced as the new face of the brand in 2014.

Glossies in Neon Pink

Although best known for lingerie, Gossard introduced a swimwear line too in 2012, also modelled by Olympia below.
Retro Button Swimwear in Red
Sienna Swimwear in Black
You can check out the full collection on their website!

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