Saturday, 14 March 2015

Sexy Bahimi luxury bikinis by Chloe Goodman

So Bahimi are a retailer of designer and luxury swimwear and bikinis since 2011. They're particularly focused on lovely bottoms apparently, as they say the first thing they look at when trying something is the bottom!

They have a sexy beachwear range by Chloe Goodman available right now that caught my eye. The lovely Chloe is best known for her reality TV appearances, particularly Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother. However she's recently put together a collection with Bahimi that's really quite pretty, which she does an excellent job of modelling herself too! Given the number of utterly useless reality TV 'stars' out there, it's refreshing to see one doing something productive for a change.

Chloe modelling her creations!

Blue Hawaiian Bikini
Apple Martini Bikini
Mojito Bikini
You can check out the full collection on the Bahimi website!

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