Sunday, 22 March 2015

Stylish Gemelli bikinis as worn by Michelle Keegan

So Gemelli are a British swimwear brand focused on the stylish and fun-loving girl. It was only established in 2012 by Liverpool-based twin sisters Chloe and Lauren, but has already gained a following from top retailers and well-known celebrities. Just this week for example, the gorgeous Michelle Keegan was spotted in an eye-catching Gemelli bow bikini! Credit to Gemelli Swimwear for all images.

Michelle Keegan (with her very lucky fiancee) wearing a Gemelli bow bikini
The lovely Michelle is an actress and model best-known for her role in Coronation Street, a popular British soap.

The Gemelli collection actually has a very distinctive look that really stands out from your average bikini, below are some of the pretty designs that particularly caught my eye!

Laguna bikini
Shimmy fringe top and tie side bottoms
Sicily (left) and Waikiki (right) bikinis
Flamenco bikini
You can check out the complete collection on their website!

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